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Funnelator – What Is Retargeting?


Retargeting is a form of online advertising where visitors of your site are served banner ads across across the web.

When a visitor comes to your site a tracking pixel cookies them.  After they leave your site, then the tracking pixels signals other websites to show your ads as they visit websites within your advertising network.

Funnelator – Pros and Cons of Retargeting


    • It takes time – You must monitor stats, creatives, etc.
    • It takes money – You have to create a separate budget for this practice.
    • Stalking – Your prospects can get annoyed.
    • Traffic – Re targeting only works if you already have traffic.


    • Conversion – Most sites convert at roughly 2%. ¬†Retargeting focuses on the remaining 98% and increases conversion.
    • Targeted – Retargeting is focused on prospects that have already come to your site, so it is very focused marketing .
    • Trackable – Retargeting is very easy to measure (if you set it up correctly).

Should YOU Use Retargeting?

If you have a reasonable amount of traffic and your site is setup to generate leads or sales, I recommend that you checkout regargeting.

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