An increasing number of websites have started adding Pinterest alongside their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons. A sign of the search and social times, into which the online world continues to evolve. Following a further funding injection of $100m (£63m), the latest news is that Pinterest has been valued at more than $1bn (£632m), which seems to show belief in the company’s continuing meteoric rise.

The social site, which allows individuals and businesses to ‘pin’ a curated selection of interesting image content, was only launched in March 2010.  Following a first funding in October 2011, by December, Pinterest was flagged up by internet data analysts, Experian Hitwise as zooming into the social networks Top 10 with 11 million visits per week. ComScore claim that in April 2012, Pinterest had gained over 20 million users, a staggering rise from just the 1 million users in July 2011.

So how do all the heady figures translate to the average SME and eCommercesite?  A significant number of brands now take advantage of Pinterest to freely advertise their products without any cost attached. But given that, currently, 80 per cent of users are females aged between 25 to 44,  is Pinterest of value to all eCommerce categories – and worth the time and effort required to be most effective at social media marketing strategies?

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