How To Breathe Life Into Your Email Marketing

Posted on: June 24th, 2012 by benegourmet
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Most email marketing campaigns are boring.

If you want to create an ROI out of these efforts, understand what makes your subcriber tick, make the emails interesting and fun, and test, test, test.

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Six Steps to “e-Energize” Your Email Marketing Campaign

Especially on the go, we’ve become used to skimming headlines and taking a quick dip into the body, while making a split second decision to read or not read as our mouse hovers over the delete button. The best place to start energizing your campaign is your email list — are you getting through to the right people? A great list is the best way to improve your “open” and “conversion” rates. Here are six easy steps to clean up your existing list by figuring out who isn’t reading, why, and how to lure them back.

1) The first step is to figure out how many people aren’t interacting with your email marketing campaign. The best way to do this is by asking your Email Service Provider (ESP) what your inactivity rate is. An ESP does this by querying your database to find which email addresses are inactive.

2) There may be many reasons why your email campaign has inactive recipients and it’s your job to figure out why. Sometimes it is as simple as the recipients changing their email addresses, which is something out of your control, but other factors like image bulking, over spamming, and improper subject labeling are under your control.

3) Next, you need to lure those inactive recipients back. The best way to do this is by “asking” them to interact with the email. You can ask them to update their preferences or even offer enticing discounts or offers in order to lure them to interact with your message.

4) Are your emails getting noticed? Gaining visibility in the torrent of emails your recipients may receive every day is essential to any effective email marketing campaign. Test numerous strategies. Try sending the marketing email at a different time of day. The flood of emails that are automatically delivered after midnight can be overwhelming or go overlooked. Another simple idea is sending the email less often. This can make a big difference because less frequent emails may seem more important.

5) If all else fails, give your recipients an ultimatum. Send an email to those few stubborn, inactive email addresses asking them if they want to subscribe or receive more emails. Use subject lines that state something eye catching like “important” or “expiring.” This very direct approach may yield important clues about who is and isn’t reading.

6) If there is no response, cut them off. Don't pretend to have a great email list if you don't. Quantity isn’t important if the recipients behind the emails are not actively interacting with your offers. A more targeted and well-qualified list well help you identify the true size of your list and focus you on acquiring new email prospects. Don’t spend $10,000 on email marketing, only to have half of your list as active participants. It is better to save half of that marketing budget and use it to rebuild your email list.

…More at Six Steps to “e-Energize” Your Email Marketing Campaignt Six Steps to “e-Energize” Your Email Marketing Campaign

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