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Posted on: May 22nd, 2012 by benegourmet
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If you are starting out, you may not have the budget for paid internet marketing tools.

In the following article from the 60 Second Marketer details some great tools. 

Check it out!


10 Free Online Marketing Tools to Help You Grow Your Business


There are thousands of online marketing tools out there, but which ones are the best? We’ve searched far and wide to find what we think are the top 10 online tools every good marketer should have in their kit. The best part: they’re all free!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you the most up-to-date and inclusive information about your website traffic. Not only giving you “how many”, but “from where”, which is an essential question when you want to increase your traffic. When it comes to making money, Google Analytics can help you figure out how much you are making on your site, where the big money is coming from, and how to calculate your ROI. Best of all, the information it brings can help you determine how to capitalize on the best parts of your website, and bring in more revenue.



Google AdWords

When it comes to SEM, Google AdWords is the go-to resource. AdWords allows you to see what people are searching, and, more importantly, how many people are searching for your brand. AdWords then allows your to purchase search items so that your company will appear first in results. AdWords goes even further by allowing you to track the number of searches and click-through’s on your purchase, giving you control over your website traffic.


Users want to keep your website on hand, and you want them to keep visiting. AddThis is a social bookmarking tool that allows visitors to share your content on many different platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and Delcious. Users are much more likely to share content when it can be easily done on-site. The more shares your site receives on these networks, the higher your content will rank in search engines. AddThis builds your street cred, and your site traffic.


This tool will give you invaluable information about the SEO statistics of your website. The best part is that it compares you to your competitors, so you can figure out how to keep the leg up. SEOQuake offers not only traffic rankings, but indexed pages, site ages, SEMRush numbers, and other important information for ensuring that you are getting the traffic you desire.


WordPress is your website management control panel. Millions of the worlds most-visited and trusted sites already use it, like, Mashable and the New York Times. All you need is a domain name and webhost, and the WordPress allows you to control the design and content of your website without using an FTP server or ever opening DreamWeaver. It is simple, streamlined, but still allows amazing control for those who have coding experience. The best part is that it can be accessed by as many people as you want, and constantly updated by just one click. If your website isn’t powered by WordPress, you are missing out on a powerful resource.


Twitter is valuable for marketers because it allows business to communicate and engage with consumers on a more personal level. It allows you to push daily news, updates, and promotions to your audience. You can also answer questions, host competitions, and applaud consumers who support your brand.


Millions of users engage on YouTube daily, so there is no reason your content shouldn’t be available to them. You can produce your own content by creating videos that promote your product or service, give in-depth tutorials, or answer consumers’ questions. You can also engage with your audience and ask them to produce content for you in a competition. You can also utilize YouTube by advertising your brand on already popular user-generated videos.


Alexa gives you a wealthy database of information on your sites in comparison to your competitors. Alexa offers traffic ranking, including reach and pageviews, as well as search analytics, such as what terms your competitors are using. Alexa also offers audience data and clickstream data, so you can determine what kind of visitors your competitors are attracting, and what affiliate programs and partners they are utilizing. Most users find Alexa to be most useful for determining the search terms and links their competitors are using to drive their traffic.

Microsoft Advertising Intelligence

Before using Google AdWords to purchase keywords and search phrases, Microsoft can give you the probability of its success. This tool determines the commercial and financial impact your keyword will hold, and thus how likely it will give you the results you desire. This tool is most helpful in determining which niche markets will work for your product.


If you’re reading this post now, you know that article marketing is an effective online tool. GoArticles, and similar sites like, can help spread your name around the web, just by simply publishing articles to their databases. It is best to push unique articles that will catch readers’ eyes. After that, just let the promotion begin.

If you are starting to get your feet wet in the marketing world, make sure you are using these free tools on the web. They promise an increase in site traffic, promotion around the web, and, most importantly, a greater return on investment.

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