E-Commerce Shopping Carts

Posted on: March 2nd, 2012 by benegourmet
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Funnelator – What Kind of Shopping Cart Should You Buy


Selecting your shopping cart is a big decision.  Carts come in two forms:

  • Hosted
  • Open source

Whether to use a hosted cart or open source shopping cart is a big decision. The benefits of each are the following:


  • Quick.
  • Low upfront cost.
  • No security headaches and limited fraud liability.
  • Regular updates.

Open Source

  • Customization is easy.
  • Lower long term costs.
  • Updates are determined by you.

Funnelator – What kind of E-commerce shopping cart is right for you?

Personally, I like the support and security features of a hosted solution, but many people are comfortable with an open source solution.


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